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Stand Number 10
Simon The Beekeeper
Dedicated to selling a wide range of equipment, accessories and clothing to fellow beekeepers at the best possible prices.Sales via my website as well as Ebay, Amazon and Midlands based shop. Wholesalers and Beekeeping Associations also supplied at best rates.14 Willow Park Business Centre,
Stoke Golding,
CV13 6EU See More

Stand Number 22
Agri-Nova Bee Technology
Working with Beekeepers since 2004, Agri-Nova is the exclusive UK distributor for the Italian equipment manufacturer GIORDAN S.A.S. and has built a reputation for high quality Extractors and other stainless steel items at very affordable prices.We offer bespoke machines tailored to your exact requirements whether using Nationals or other configurations. We also have a great range of Tanks, stands, warming cabinets, uncapping trays and tanks, wax extractors, honey presses and more!Many items will be available on the day and to order for later delivery. Alongside our stainless steel equipment, Agri-Nova is also pleased to be UK Main Distributor for the Swiss company,ANDERMATT BIOCONTROL – manufacturers of the VMD approved Varroacide THYMOVAR. See More

Stand Number 43
Bees Abroad
See More

Stand Number 37
Fragile Planet
Closing down sale of beekeeping equipment including frames and various other items. Everything must go

Stand Number 27
Modern Beekeeping
Modern Beekeeping are suppliers of high density polystyrene beehives, beekeeping clothing and general beekeeping equipment. Plastic beehives have been used in Europe for over 30 years, where they have proved durable and very effective.These types of hive insulate the bees from extremes of temperature and the bees thrive in them. Once you have tried one of our hives you will never go back to wood. See More

Stand Number 8
Bee Equipment Ltd
Based in Canterbury,Visit us at Beetradex and take advantage of our great range of show offers. See More

Stand Number 6
For 7 generations now we always offer you top-quality and practice-approved products. Our long-term and experienced employees are well-known for their accurate workmanship and assembly of first-class beekeeping equipment. Even today we manufacture our products - especially big equipment like honey extractors, honey creamers and uncapping machines - partially only after we have received the order, to be able to attend to your individual wishes. Our products are made to last but if you really at one point have a problem then contact us and we can surely sort it out since we can repair it in most cases in-house. See More

Stand Number 18
Freeman & Harding
A family business supplying quality British made honey jars. We offer special convention prices and a 10% discount all year round to BBKA members.We also offer sponsorship and prizes to local associations. We are trusted by beekeepers nationwide who enjoy our friendly, reliable service. To pre-order for collection at Beetradex 2017,please use the order form on our website www.freemanharding.co.uk or contact us on 01322 351315. Prices and online ordering will be available during February.To keep up to date with all our news please visit us on www.twitter.com/glassjarsUK, www.facebook.com/glassjars See More

Stand Number 33
We design and produce equipment to make it easier for beekeepers, either hobbyist or commercial, to make and package traditional comb honey. See More

Stand Number 2
Thomas Apiculture
THOMAS APICULTURE Cy was established in 1905 in France and they now sell operate in over 50 countries. They manufacture stainless steel beekeeping equipment (uncapping tanks, extractors, baffle tanks, pumps, spinners, warming cabinets ripeners, mixers, honey liquefiers, filling lines, full automatic extraction lines) for both hobby beekeepers or bee farmers. Quality products at attractive prices. See More

Stand Number 19
Donegal Bees
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Stand Number 42
Our charity of the year See More

Stand Number 38
Beckys Beezzzs
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Stand Number 36

Stand Number 35
Caddon Hives
Caddon Hives is a family run business selling quality beehives since 2005 Based in the Scottish Borders, our focus is Quality at affordable prices. Our range of products include Frames, Hive Tools & Accessories and Protective clothing. For further information visit our website: See More

Stand Number 26
Bee-Bay provides organic products for the treatment of Varroa, Nosema apis, Nosema ceranae and Chalkbrood.HiveClean, our flagship product for the treatment of Varroa, not only kills the Varroa mite but improves the hive's hygienic behaviour. All our products are easy to apply and safe to use.We believe our Varroa treatments to be the safest, most cost-effective solution on the market. See More

Stand Number 20
Paynes was started in 1922 by Fred Payne and continues to be family run to this day. Supplying a full range of beekeeping equipment, tools and clothing and well known for their range of popular polystyrene bee hives. A fully working commercial operation, running hundreds of hives, they are always up to date with latest methods and can offer practical and sound advice for beginners and more experienced alike. They also supply Bees and Queens every season. See More

Stand Number 31
Vita (Europe) Ltd, the world's largest bee health specialist, is proud to be a UK company with a global reach. Visit our stand to find out more about, Apistan and Apiguard, our proven Varroa control products;Certan/B401 for Wax Moth control; EFB & AFB Diagnostic Kits; Enhanced Liquid Feeds; Swarm Lures and future plans for bee health. See More

Stand Number 23
Paradise Honey

Stand Number 28
British Beefeeds

Stand Number 11
Honey Jar labels

Stand Number 34
Happy Valley Honey
Happy Valley Honey is the supplier of Honey Paw high density polystyrene beehives and components. Our Hives are tested and proven to work in extreme conditions (Finland’s harsh winter).Our polystyrene bee hive boxes are light weight but designed to last for many years of use. Hive material density is over 100 kg / m3 which makes it by far the thickest on the market. See More

Stand Number 15
BS Honeybees
BS Honey Bees was formed by business partners & Bee Farmers Daniel & Tristan in Gloucester, set in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswold's.Daniel & Tristan are childhood friends, working together in commercial Bee Keeping operations down under & in the UK. Both fully DASH accredited (Disease Accreditation Scheme for Honeybees),they began BS Honey Bees as a joint venture in 2011, aged 21, with a wealth of knowledge behind them proving that bee keeping is not just something restricted to age. BS Honey Bees specialise in the breeding and sale of 5 Frame Nucs, Queen Bees,Full Colonies & Package Bees.
EXCLUSIVELY AT BEETRADEX - BS Honey Bees invites you to view a new exciting product ready to launch in Spring 2017 with prototype demonstrations & 3D drawings See More

Stand Number 3
B. J. Sheriff
Pioneers of beekeeper's protective clothing incorporating our throwback detachable hood. Sherriff's quality and design is legendary and offers you the best in protection.A truly British product using finest fabrics for comfort and safety with UK sourced components and all sewn locally Sherriff's unique ClearView veil gives exceptional visibility so you get more enjoyment from beekeeping.Why not try on a bee suit today you'll notice the difference! Our garments are an investment with a 5 Year zip Warranty Special offers at BEETRADEX See More

Stand Number 21
Alispo International
Manufacturer and supplier of Beekeeping Full Regular Jackets, Beekeeping Full Regular Suits, Beekeeping Ventilated Jackets, Beekeeping Ventilated Suits, Beekeeping Leather Gloves, Beekeeping Ventilated Gloves, Beekeeping Hive Tools, Beekeeping Smokers. See More

Stand Number 32
Apimaye beehives are made of double-skinned food-grade plastic with a foam filling to insulate them and they have airflow from the roof to the floor so have continuous air circulation We have two types, the first being a double-section hive ideal for artificial swarming and a four-sectioned queen rearing hive. They are easy to clean/sterilise and they are Langstroth size.

Stand Number 29
Part Time beekeeping

Stand Number 14

Stand Number 25
Bee Farmers Association (BFA)
The Bee Farmers' Association is the voice of professional beekeeping in the United Kingdom (UK). As the commercial trade association for the sector, we represent around 400 bee farming businesses. Our members produce honey throughout the UK and supply products in bulk, for wholesale and for retail. In addition, the association provides contract pollination services to growers.To find out more about the industry, the Rowse/BFA Bee Farmer Apprenticeship Scheme, or to join the Association, come along to the stand to speak to one of our representatives. See More

Stand Number 9

Stand Number 17
Northern Bee Books
Northern Bee Books stock the widest range of English language books and are the publishers of The Beekeepers Quarterly , the Quality Quarterly with Quarterly Quality.

We look forward to greeting friends old and new as they browse our extensive stocks at Beetradex See More

Stand Number 7
Compak (South)
Compak (South) Ltd - Nationwide Suppliers of Glass & Plastic Containers and Closures.
With more than 25 years in the industry we specialise in the right packaging for your produce at competitive prices
If it's Honey Jars you need we have our own mould with a British manufacturer to ensure top quality glass
Our range of jars & lids are available on our website at www.compaksouth.com
Visit our stand for our Special Show Prices you can't afford to miss out
Pre orders are welcome from 1st February by calling us on 01179 863 550 or email sales@compaksouth.co.ukor jo.rattenbury@compaksouth.co.uk
Your Produce, Our Jars, The Perfect Partnership See More

Stand Number 24
Belgosuc (Wyefield Apiaries)
Wyefield Apiaries are the main distributors of Belgosuc Bee feed products in Mainland UK. Invertbee and Apisuc syrup and Fondabee fondant is available both in bulk and small quantities at competitive prices . Please contact Peter and Marian Guthrie Tel: 01874 754412

Stand Number 16
BBwear the specialist manufacturer and supplier of protective clothing for beekeepers since 2000. All our garments are made in the UK. We also supply beekeeping equipment, including frames, foundation, feed, treatments, hive tools, smokers and more. See More

Stand Number 12
Bee Hive Bits
Beehive Bits is a family run business that has been operating for over 40 years. We supply trade and general public alike and work hard to ensure we source our materials from within the UK.We offer an ever increasing range of products from metal frame runners to complete hive packages. For further information visit our website www.beehivebits.co.uk See More

Stand Number 40
National Bee Unit
The National Bee Unit has led Government’s contribution to the health of our bees for over 60 years.  It provides focused disease inspections and beekeeper training, all backed by a world-class research programme. See More

Stand Number 1
E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd have been making the finest quality beekeeping equipment for 100 years. At our large factory in Lincolnshire, we manufacture hives, frames, foundation, clothing, honey extractors, honey and wax processing items, smokers, wax and candle moulds, print honey labels, and the list could go on. Orders are sent to all corners of the world; a testament to our reputation for quality and service.We continue to innovate with new and better designed products. We expect to have a great range of special offers at the Bee Tradex Show. See More

Stand Number 41
Brunel Microscopes
Brunel Microscopes Ltd has been supplying microscopes and microscopy equipment for beekeepers since 1986. We are also specialists in the equipment needed to attach cameras to microscopes and will be launching new equipment in this area at the ShowSpecial Show Discount 10%. For further details visit our website www.brunelmicroscopes.co.uk/beekeeping.html See More

Stand Number 4
Maisemore Apiaries
Maisemore Apiaries, established in 1953, has now become one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of Bee Keeping equipment in the UK. we offer a range of quality beekeeping items second to none See More

Stand Number 5
We are a worldwide supplier of high quality beekeeping equipment. Innovation, quality and utility are key elements in more than 100 home grown products in the following 4 categories: filling, heating technology, polystyrene beehives and queen breeding.We have been awarded numerous awards during recent years and several times we have received gold and silver medals at Apimondia for best innovations.We are convinced that our success builds on the extensive experience and knowledge we gain by operating both domestically and abroad. During the last 32 years we have been sending our products to all corners of the world,that has given us unparalleled experience and know-how in exports, logistics and freight. We ship fast, cheaply and safely worldwide. See More

Stand Number 13
Abelo Ltd

Stand Number 39
Bee Craft
OFFICIALLY THE WORLD'S NUMBER 1 BEEKEEPING MAGAZINE AS AWARDED AT APIMONDIA 2013.Visit us to subscribe and receive free access to our online and mobile editions. You will be met with a warm welcome and can take your time browsing our books, booklets and other gift ideas, or picking up a few of the back copies you may have missed. Take a look at our award winning website before you come - if there is something in our online shop you would specifically like us to bring, drop an email to shop@bee-craft.com to have it added to our stock for the day.You will also be able to sign up your children or grandchildren to our free BKids Club and take away a membership pack for them. So come prepared, visit our stand and enjoy the day. See More

Stand Number 30
Struan Apiaries
Struan Apiaries sell Ambrosia products because they are the only products that were specifically created for feeding bees and are the very best on the market also they are not inverted by acid See More

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