Wyefield Apiaries
Our background has always included bees and my family have been keeping bees continuously over three generations since my grandfather started in the Scottish Borders in 1902. I have lived and worked mainly in Wales for the past 51 years and started keeping bees on my own account in 1967 in Pembrokeshire with the local dark bee of the area. When my father passed away in 1982 I amalgamated his dark Ayrshire bees with my originals from Pembrokeshire and we still own apiaries of dark type bees today. My wife, Marian is from Carmarthenshire and together with her father we expanded the bees from 1975 onwards so that when I retired from my day job in 2006 we had taken the colony numbers up to about 160. However, as our beefeed business has grown the bee numbers have been reduced to about 50 stocks of which some three quarters are headed by Danish Buckfast Queens which allows us to manage the hives under a much wider range of weather conditions. Our aim is to average 40-45kgs of honey/hive and not to let the numbers rise too much!! Obviously making good use of the beefeed is at the centre of beekeeping large numbers of bees in the productive hives. Since I retired our membership of the Bee Farmers Association has provided us with a huge amount of challenging ideas and information which has greatly helped us to take our business forward here in the Wye Valley where we have lived for the past 38 years.
Northern Bee Books 
Northern Bee Books stock the largest range of English language beekeeping books in the English speaking world. They are specialist publishers and book sellers of new and second hand beekeeping books. Northern Bee Books also publish The Beekeepers Quarterly Magazine and Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine, both global beekeeping magazines with correspondents from across the world.


The BBKA shop stocks a wide range of value for money books, beekeeping guides, fact sheets, DVDs. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced beekeeper, there will be something of interest for you.



Burt’s Country Store

Based in Canterbury, Kent, Burt’s Country Store stocks a wide range of products from Equestrian Care to Insect Hotels. Having started business in 2018, Burt’s has gone from strength to strength by diversifying their product range and providing products and equipment for home and garden, pets and agriculture.



BJ Sherriff

The original selling brand of fine quality beekeepers clothing incorporating our own design, self-supporting bee hood. Providing beekeepers with the highest quality suits, made here in the UK.



BB Wear

High Quality, Hard Wearing, British Bee Wear and Bee Supplies. Clothing known to last 15+ years, 28 Days Money Back + Long Life Guarantee, Approved by Professionals. Use BEETRADEX-2021 for 10% Off Bee Suits. Valid 13th to 14th March. Telephone: 01872 562731. E-Mail: shop@bbwear.co.uk 


Hyde Hives

We are two brothers that love keeping bees and making beehives. Every hive is cut from sustainable cedar grown in the UK which is milled and seasoned by us at the workshop. Each hive is hand-assembled, individually finished and delivered to you personally by us.


Beckys Beezzzs

“We’re a small team of passionate beekeepers based in Andover, Hampshire we are renowned for raising nucs of bees for sale in National, Commercial, Langstroth and 14×12 sizes. We raise and sell our own locally bred Buckfast as well as queens raised by our European partners. Our bees and queens are sold nationwide. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are dedicated to supporting beekeepers of all experiences, from courses, supplying live bees and recommending a range of equipment that we personally use ourselves.” Office: 01264 351104. Mobile: 07973 423628. Address: Beckys Beezzzs Limited, Fourways, Picket Twenty, Andover, Hampshire SP11 6LF.


Vita Europe

We research, develop, manufacture and market honeybee health products worldwide, including Apistan, Apiguard and Bee Gym for Varroa control; pollen supplements VitaFeed Power, VitaFeed Nutri and VitaFeed Patty for increased honey production; AFB and EFB Diagnostic Kits; and Swarm Attractant Wipes. With a rigorous and ethical approach to research and development into honeybee health, Vita has no commercial interests in crop pesticides or crop breeding that may be harmful to honeybees.



Northumberland Honey Co

Northumberland bred queen bees for sale, varroa sensitive hygienic (VSH) Buckfast and Northumberland Dark queens available. To order visit our website or telephone 01434322981.



Bee Watch

Our products range from our suite of apps which include: Apiary Management records, Pesticide Management records, and a citizen science app amongst others. To our new hive entrance invention “The Upstairs Downstairs Intrance” that gives back to the bees a hive they can defend. Meaning the bees can defend their hive from anything over 7mm, such as wasps, hornets, rodents and reptiles. etc. Other benefits experienced are the reduced need for a queen excluder and mesh floors.


Honey Bee Supplies 

UK Leading Honey farm supplying British Buckfast, Overwintered Nucs and Spring Nucs, English Honey in drums, tubs and jars.


Direct Bees

Online Beekeeping Store suppling; Beekeeping equipment, Beehives, Poly Hives, Wax Foundation, Frames, Bee Food and Bee keeping essentials - making beekeeping affordable and accessible to all. Tel: 01766 549179. Email: hello@directbees.com


Carl Fritz

We are a manufacturer of beekeeper technology based in Mellrichstadt, Lower Franconia, Germany. Our production halls produce quality products such as our CFM Honey extractors, CFM Honey creamers and homogenizers, CFM Wax melters, CFM Honey tanks and other products for your beekeeper needs! We are happy to be your competent partner for the equipment of your apiary. We supply hobby and professional beekeepers worldwide with solid and durable CFM products made of high-quality stainless steel. Our family business manufactures from tradition *Made in Germany*. 


Simon The Beekeeper

Our aim at Simon the Beekeeper is to support beekeeping worldwide and make it an affordable hobby for everyone to enjoy. Based in the Midlands, the team are constantly striving to provide the best value beekeeping equipment possible. We pride ourselves on our fast delivery service and believe that because the bees won’t wait, our customers shouldn’t have to either.



Thomas Apiculture

THOMAS APICULTURE Cy, established in FRANCE since 1905, is an experienced beekeeping equipment manufacturer. Our equipment meet both hobby beekeepers' or bee farmers' needs. Thanks to the adequacy of our products to the needs of all markets, our capacity for innovation and the premium quality of our equipment, we export our know-how all over the world. THOMAS APICULTURE manufactures a large scale of beekeeping equipment like : hives, beekeeping clothes, smokers, bee food, honey packaging, wax foundations, queen breeding equipment, uncapping equipment, honey extractors, sumps, pumps, filters, mixers, honey tanks, filling machines…




Agralan was founded in 1986 and offer gardeners a range of biological controls and bumblebee colonies for pollination. Agralan Ltd, The Old Brickyard, Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, SN6 6QR, call 01285 860015 or email sales@agralan.co.uk


Andermatt UK

Andermatt UK Home and Garden aim to bring you products to help you enjoy outdoor living, grow better plants, produce more to harvest and control pests and diseases. We are passionate about our products and helping people to use them. Bee keeping is an increasingly popular pastime for many people in the UK and we have a range of bee health products that assist bee keepers in maintaining the health of their colonies. The Varroa mite is the biggest pest problem that needs to be managed by bee keepers in the UK today. If left unchecked, the Varroa population in your hive has an undeniable impact on overall colony health. It can affect everything in the colony, from the individual growth of each bee to the overall amount of honey that the colony collects across the season. Made with active substances found in nature, Andermatt UK Home and Garden’s bee health products help control the population of varroa mites in your colony.


Bee Equipment Ltd

We stock nearly 3,000 product lines at our distribution centre in Kent, supplying British Standard National, Langstroth, Commercial and accessories, as well as wide range of beekeeping accessories, we also stock a wide range of honey and wax processing equipment.



Part Time Bee Supplies

We are a small business located in the heart of Gloucester supplying quality bee keeping equipment with that personal touch. Hand crafting the hives enables us to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible with the use of some reclaimed and locally sourced timber allowing us to keep our prices competitive. With a love of bees we are always happy to pass on our experience and aim to share the pleasure of beekeeping in anyway that we can. For more information check out our website email us at samanthia.price@rocketmail.com


Bee Inspired

Honey and Beeswax Skincare Brand of the year” awarded for the second year running. This multi award-winning range is ideal for all skin types including eczema + sensitive skin; being pure, natural and effective. Hand blended in Thames Ditton; honey, propolis and beeswax are combined with plant oils and gorgeous essential oils.



LEGA S.r.l. Beekeeping is an Italian company that has been protagonist in the beekeeping world since 1937, well known for its seriousness and deep knowledge of the subject, a skill that is invaluable in the design and production of equipment for beekeepers. Ours is a family business that has existed for over eighty years and therefore has a long specific experience acquired in the midst of bees and beekeepers, essential for the correct design of the machines. LEGA company can boast the constant collaboration of 45 people engaged in different tasks, from production to shipping to 58 countries around the world. All the energies are oriented to the continuous improvement of the quality, functionality and aesthetics of the product, so that the whole thing is worthy of bearing the title of “MADE IN ITALY”.